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Jyoti Guptara is the best-selling author of fantasy trilogy The Insanity Saga - Conspiracy of Calaspia, Warrior Code, and Peacemaker's Pyre - and other speculative fiction.


Jyoti has given hundreds of book readings and taught on four continents.
Inspire your students or employees with some fantasy fun - or a hard look at reality.


Find out how imagination and storytelling can bring results to your business, organisation or nation.

Improve Reality with Fantasy

What does a fantasy writer know about reality?
Here's the thing.  In 2008, at the height of the economic crisis, it emerged that more "money" was floating around in just one exotic financial instrument, credit default swaps (CDS), than there should be money on earth.  And not by a narrow margin - no, there was over forty times as much money in CDS than the combined value of all products and services on earth.
This money did not exist.  It had literally been invented.
See, there is a difference between a fantasist and an escapist.  While escapism turns a blind eye to a problem, imagination enables us to engage the problem innovatively.
So, what does a fantasist know about reality?  Perhaps more than certain escapist economists...

Most enjoyable … As soon as I finished, I started reading it again.

- Richard Adams (Watership Down) on Calaspia

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