Short Stories

The Conversation Doctor 

Gerry, 79, lives in hope of reconciling with his family and leaving a legacy. But people are trying to take care of him. Literally.

Beware black humour in this poignant short story about old age, the will to live, and a big decision. Life and death hang in the balance... The balance of a conversation. And a checkbook.

Worry. They’re professionals.

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The Promise of the Sky

The soul of India lives in its villages, declared Mohandas Gandhi. It's time for a hard look at that soul.

Kallu, a five-year-old Shudra, is destined to be a change-maker. But when he goes up against the forces of tradition, he gets more than he bargained for. Everyone does.

A magic realism novelette about caste dynamics in modern India.

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Plimp stories set in Calaspia

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