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Jyoti is an internationally experienced speaker in both English and German and has appeared at such eminent literary occasions as the Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fairs, Switzerland’s Solothurner Literaturtage, India’s Kitabfest, and the C. S. Lewis Summer Institute in Oxford and Cambridge.

Jyoti gives lectures and readings at festivals, bookstores, libraries and schools as well as institutions for higher education, performing for audiences from two to 800.

His speaking and writing covers a broad range of topics.

Find out how Jyoti can make your event not only entertaining but memorable.

Notable Past Appearances

  • Business Storytelling for HSG, University of St. Gallen
  • Creative Writing workshops for teachers at Colleges of Education
  • On Success at the Thurgauer Lehrlingstag
  • On Inspiration at Kitabfest media festival, Mumbai
  • On Questions at Delhi University
  • Correctional Facilities, Private, Public and Charter Schools in Los Angeles
  • ERFA Weinfelden’s group of managers on reforming Education and Economics
  • Literaturhaus readings in Zurich, Rostock, Hamburg and Köln
  • “Mobilising Youth as Troubadours of Heroism (MYTH)”, Palomar5 Innovation Camp Summit, Berlin
  • “Building Human Capital and Intellectual Capacity” at United Nations GAID (Global Alliance for ICT for Development) Youth Summit, Geneva
  • Addressing inaugural Youth Summit of Kofi Annan’s Global Humanitarian Forum on issues of sustainability, reality and escapism
  • Various events with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy
  • Media and Arts for Peace, online course by the GCSP and the U.S. Institute of Peace


Encouraging Creativity and Excellence

Jyoti has been called upon to encourage people to realise their potential and improve systems conducive to personal and organisational growth.

In 2007, the County of Los Angeles awarded Scrolls of Honour to the then-teenage Guptara Twins for philanthropy, literary achievement and inspiring young people.

The twins’ first novel was used as the basis of the Calaspia International Story Competition for Young People organised by celebrated author and speaker Dr Vishal Mangalwadi to equip the next generation of writers. The top 10 winners were offered the opportunity to accompany Dr Mangalwadi, Suresh and Jyoti on a 10-day literary tour of England. Featuring plays, visits to museums, and discussions with Oxbridge professors, the Literary Tour explored how the pen is mightier than the sword and how great literature built great nations.

The eminent panel of judges comprised:

  • Gurcharan Das, business guru, columnist & playwright;
  • Bianca Jagger, the renowned social and human rights advocate;
  • Dr Michael Nobel, great-grand-nephew of the founder of the Nobel Prizes, and immediate past-President of the Nobel Family Society;
  • Alec Sokolow, Oscar® nominated screenwriter (Evan Almighty, Garfield, Toy Story);
  • G. P. Taylor, best-selling author (Shadowmancer, Wormwood, Tersias)

If you represent a company or organisation interested in sponsoring or hosting similar initiatives that contribute to building holistically healthy individuals, families and nations, Jyoti would love to hear from you.

Auf Deutsch

Jyoti lebt in der Schweiz und hält Lesungen und Workshops auch auf Deutsch - in Schulen, Unis, Geschäftskreise! Informationen für Schulen + Veranstalter.


Jyoti's charming personality strengthens his outstanding presentation skills, which have been deployed to excellent effect with audiences ranging from eight to eighty years old, and right across the social and educational spectrum.  A lively team-player, he is very enjoyable to work with.
- Christiane Steen, editor, Germany